Teaching mindfulness

From the moment our little rainbow baby entered the world I made a promise to do my very best in teaching him mindfulness, compassion for all creatures, and the freedom of adventure. By implementing these practices each and every day, I hope for Kai to develop a natural identity as a compassionate leader. There are two … Continue reading Teaching mindfulness

Self-care Sunday: facial regimen

This day and age the number of beauty products on the market is astounding and can easily feel overwhelming, with new products popping up daily. Let me be honest here. In the U.S the beauty industry is one with very few guidelines, not always required to divulge certain ingredients or practices. It was not only important … Continue reading Self-care Sunday: facial regimen

Reading with Kai: Science

Have you ever been asked the question "Why?" by an inquisitive child? They have then most-likely retorted the very same question with every answer supplied, as they would. If so, you've probably gone so far down that rabbit hole that you've had a heck of a time finding a comprehensive answer for your little interrogator. … Continue reading Reading with Kai: Science

Pasta Plates: ravioli

We are a family of pasta lovers, if you can't tell by now. This is our third food post and each one features a pasta dish. In my opinion, there is almost no meal as good as homemade pasta made using fresh eggs from our chickens. In our home we strive to produce as much … Continue reading Pasta Plates: ravioli

Weekend notions.

This weekend Tim, Kai and I headed north to visit my grandfather. We sat by the fireplace and chatted about future woodworking projects. Later in the afternoon, we traveled outside for Kai's very first adventure in the snow. Kai was all smiles from the first moments in his new sled. We pulled him along over … Continue reading Weekend notions.

Self-care Sunday: winter fix

  I don't know about you but every winter my skin's glistening-glow quickly fades to a dry-dull mess if I don't keep on top of it.  I try to spend as much time outside as possible but the harsh weather on our New England coast never ceases to take a toll on my skin. Aside from … Continue reading Self-care Sunday: winter fix

Reading with Kai: Music

One of our strongest continued efforts as parents is to cultivate a lifelong love of reading in our little one. Reading aloud to baby is a shared activity which stimulates the growth of many early language development skills. Introducing concepts such as colors and numbers helps to construct a platform for vocabulary and memory expansion, … Continue reading Reading with Kai: Music

Kids gifts that give back 2017

This holiday season, you can practice the habit of charity by giving your little-one one of these thoughtful gifts that give back to those in need.  Rose & Rex woodie surf car : Rev up a child’s imagination, from exploring what makes them move to dreaming of their destination. Your purchase will provide 4 toys for … Continue reading Kids gifts that give back 2017

Getting in the spirit

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Tim and I are big on keeping our holiday traditions alive and are SO excited to share the holiday spirit with our son. Each year since our first Christmas together we've made a point to support local tree farmers by chopping down our own tree. This year we … Continue reading Getting in the spirit

Catching up

 This time of year, the crispness of autumn begins to fade into the heaviness of winter. Everything seems to speed up and I tend to feel like I don't have much time to catch my breath. Lately I've been adding countless tasks to the 'to-do' list, curating a home-life routine with our new baby, and preparing … Continue reading Catching up