Thinking ahead: a DIY patio story

This time last year, Tim and I started brain storming for our DIY patio build project. In the midst of a cold New England winter we could not help but dream of sunnier days to come. Thoughts of enjoying the outdoors with our family triggered visions of the perfect patio to gather on. We had our … Continue reading Thinking ahead: a DIY patio story

Pasta Plates: fettuccine

On cold winter nights a home cooked meal is perfect for warming the soul. Nothing nourishes quite as well as fresh homemade pasta. A few years ago we spend a weekend with my in-laws learning how to make homemade ravioli from scratch including the ping (ravioli filling). There is something to be said about recipes … Continue reading Pasta Plates: fettuccine

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In my case it was hands down the egg that came first! While visiting a friend's family farm in Santa Barbara I had an experience that changed my life forever. It was the taste of farm fresh eggs collected from their coop for our breakfast that won over my taste buds and ignited my desire to raise … Continue reading Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

From the ground up.

When Tim and I purchased our first home together a little over a year ago, we knew we needed to prepare ourselves to take on a hefty amount of DIY projects around the property. The first thing on my mind was establishing our gardens. For us this started with the construction of a number of … Continue reading From the ground up.