From the ground up.

When Tim and I purchased our first home together a little over a year ago, we knew we needed to prepare ourselves to take on a hefty amount of DIY projects around the property. The first thing on my mind was establishing our gardens. For us this started with the construction of a number of raised beds (six to be exact) for our produce garden. We used a modified version of the instructions found here to build the beds.


If you are assembling raised beds of your own, I recommend finding out which local pests are your biggest threat and planning ahead to safeguard your beds against these adorable little terrorists. I unfortunately learned this the hard way when I had two very sentimental kale plants*, ALL of my cabbage and brussels sprouts beheaded while we were in Vermont for the weekend. This happened just three days before we’d fenced in our garden BTW.


You live and you learn. That is 100% accurate with gardening! Keeping a gardening journal is very helpful. I utilize the garden planning tool found on and have had great success with that.

There is a vast wealth of knowledge we can receive from putting time and energy into the earth (soil)**. It is one of my biggest passions in life and I hope to share some of my wisdom here with you.


*I DO have a strong sentimental attachment to many of my plants (as you will learn). I HAVE cried over the loss of a plant or pillaging of the garden by local furry ninjas. PLANT LADY IS THE NEW CAT LADY!

**My complete love of gardening is a blessing from my late grandmother, the woman who inspired my green thumb. Each and every time I help something to grow or share some piece of wisdom I’ve gained in the garden, it’s like a little gift from her. I am reminded of her every time I smell lilac or see a dutch iris or black eyed susan growing. She was a huge inspiration to me. I wish I could tell her how thankful I am to have spent time with her in her gardens. I think of her all of the time and miss her just as much.


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