Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In my case it was hands down the egg that came first! While visiting a friend’s family farm in Santa Barbara I had an experience that changed my life forever. It was the taste of farm fresh eggs collected from their coop for our breakfast that won over my taste buds and ignited my desire to raise chickens. If you have ever eaten a truly farm fresh egg then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I advise putting it on your to-do-list!

As soon as Tim and I moved into our new home I put an order in for spring chicks from a local farmer (ashleyschickens.com). In May 2016 our chickens were born!


We started our first flock with six chicks; Angie, Bernadette, Clementine, Jolene, Suzanne and Valerie (bonus points for you if you’ve picked up on the theme). Quickly it became apparent that this was going to be much more than the future bounty of fresh eggs. We truly love them as we do all of our pets, like family. These girls are so special to us! Tim and I have really enjoyed watching them grow. They’ve spent many days pecking around in the garden with us and Jolene has even hung out in the hammock with me a few times.


Our girls are super social and are happy to hop in your lap if you’re taking a break in the garden or on the deck. After a long day of free ranging on the property these girls can be found perched on the deck railing, peeking in the house to see what we are up to. They have even been known to join me and my girlfriends while lounging and sipping wine outside. We want our girls to have the happiest lives possible. They are fed fresh produce everyday and given loads of love as well.


Sadly, over the past few cold months we’ve lost two of our girls, Val and Clem, due to health issues present since birth. I like to believe that we gave them both the most pleasant lives possible while they were here with us. We all miss them.

Since mid October we’ve been receiving daily offerings of fresh eggs from our remaining four chickens. Tim and I have cooked many farm to table recipes using these delicious gifts. We will share some of these with you here soon!

Do you have chickens? Looking to start up your own flock? We would love to hear your stories or questions for us!!

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