Our greatest adventure begins!


Tim and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first baby on September 5th! We really could not be happier to share this monumental news! The relevance of our due date is joyfully fitting as it just so happens to be my grandparents wedding anniversary as well. Those of you who know us personally or have been following our blog posts, know how strong our connection to my grandparents truly is which makes this coincidence quite apropos.


(Calligraphy by the lovely and superbly talented Janis Snell Calligraphy)

(Photography by the bright and brilliant Adam Fraser)

(Maternity Dress by HelloMiz Maternity )

We’ve recently shared the news with our families.  Tim’s parents are currently in Florida, living THE LIFE on the beach, avoiding brutal winters of New England. Unfortunately with the current presence of Zika Virus in Florida Tim and I did not want to chance catching it during a visit down there. SOOOOO  we sent a “care package” filled with a surprise message about becoming grandparents, ultrasound photos and the announcement photos. We arranged the timing to tell Tim’s two brothers while we were with them on our annual ski trip to North Conway and for the package to arrive in Florida on the same day. On our first night away we surprised our group of friends and Tim’s brothers with the good news. Later that evening, we FaceTimed with Tim’s parents in Florida. Everyone is excited to add another Iappini to the family in September.

Last weekend Tim and I hosted a family dinner at our place for my side of the family. We surprised my parents with a literal “Bun in the oven” which was hilarious and went right over their heads at first (as you can see for yourself with this little video shot by my brother-in-law:)


(That is my nephew in the video. He is just the CUTEST by the way!!!)

Tim and I are blessed to have this wonderful news to share and are so looking forward to adding to our family in the next few months. Thanks for coming by and sharing this spectacular moment in our lives with us! Stay tuned for future news about baby Iappini!

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