DIY farmhouse decor


We’ve recently added a few DIY decor projects to our bedroom space to liven things up. The floating shelves and glassless window frames were crafted by my wonderful grandfather. I must preface this by saying that he has been able to bring to life EVERY woodworking project I have ever had in my head. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such a talented and willing person in our lives. For this project I took to Pinterest for some initial design inspiration. Once I found the concept I was interested in I discussed the idea with my grandfather who quickly created the build plans.


…and the following day, these beauties were born.


The next project, the floating shelves, were a repeat venture for my grandfather as he had recently made the very same shelves for my uncle (which means he is officially a pro floating shelf builder at this point). Although he had modified ours with an integrated French-cleat mounting system. As usual, this project was completed within 24hrs of asking him if he would kindly make them for us. We decided not to paint or stain the shelves since the rough wood looked so nice as it was.


These pieces are the most lovely addition to our farmhouse style. To complete the look I added boxwood wreaths to the window frames which I found along with many of the items displayed on the shelves at my favorite home decor boutique, Ivy Lane in Newburyport, MA.

We hope you’ve found inspiration for your DIY decor projects here today. If you have any questions please reach out. We would love to hear about your own woodworking skills. What are you working on?


2 thoughts on “DIY farmhouse decor

  1. I love these. Thanks for sharing. I was thinking I would need to search and search and search to find some that I could paint! Now, I might just make them myself (with the help of my dad…).

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