My favorite pregnancy products

Who’s a gigantic pregnant slacker?! I AM!! It has clearly been some time since my last post. Whats my excuse you ask? Well, Master Of None Season 2 came out on Netflix. Oh wait, that was a few weeks ago and I haven’t posted in almost two months. Also, I binge watched the whole season in two nights (who am I kidding here). Hmmmm? The weather has been so nice that I’ve been working in the garden frequently and missing out on key “me time” to write….Nope. None of that is even remotely true…..Is gestational laziness an actual condition? It should be because I’ve been hit with it HARD! The constant doom and gloom weather we’ve been having here in New England isn’t doing much for my motivation levels either. Did I mention, my nervousness about the heat of impending summer months rounding out the better part of my pregnancy? Anxiety has a way of slowing some of us down to a glacial pace.

But here I am up at 6am on a perfectly sleepable Sunday with heartburn that just won’t quit, writing a blog post. Don’t mind me whilst I pat myself on the back for being ever so ambitious.

Yesterday I entered the first day of my THRID TRIMESTER! Crazy! Throughout my pregnancy I have picked up a number of products which I’ve come to love and depend on to help me through the not so glamorous bits of growing a human with my own body. I mean who would have thought that growing a person would feel so….alien. Amiright?! Complaints and excuses aside, I am over the moon excited to meet our baby boy in a few short months.

Let’s get into it. Here in no particular order are some of the amazing product lines I have found confidence in using over the recent months.


I am someone who suffered with frequent acid-reflux pre pregnancy and with the pregnancy hormones only exacerbating this condition, you can imagine the lengths to which I have reached to find relief. I’m talking debilitating heartburn people! Juno was dead on when she mentioned having ‘kneecap radiating heartburn’.  Also, according to EVERY person who I’ve told in passing about my heartburn, I should be giving birth to a child resembling Chewbacca in a few months. Time to stock up on good baby shampoo and condish I suppose.

Alas, these two products are well known for a reason.  Zantac and Tums have remained tried and true for their (albeit, not always long-term relief but nonetheless) effectiveness in the heat of the moment. (Who could pass up a good ol’ heartburn pun?!)


I am obsessed with the Motherlove Belly Salve! This is a wonderful product for fighting against the stretch marks caused by a growing belly. The one con I have found is that it’s wax and oil based therefore thick and quite greasy.  Although these qualities are great for getting the job done, in order to save my maternity clothes from oil stains I use this salve at night only. During the day I turn to the Earth Mama Body Butter for stretch marks. This product is more of a daily body lotion and is effective without creating a mess. It is also useful for the whole body which is perfect if you have other troubling areas.


My job causes a lot of aches and pains throughout my body. The Weleda Arnica Bath has been a long standing favorite of mine. I just love all of their products. Fun fact: Weleda’s founder pioneered the Biodynamic farming method. I recommend looking into their practices if that is something that interests you personally. The Pink Stork Bath Flakes have also been very nice. I’ve enjoyed turning my bathroom into a spa once in a while, tossing these products in a warm bath, lighting a few candles, and playing some soothing nature sounds to relax to.


This about wraps up my most frequently utilized pregnancy products. I’d love to hear about things that you have found helpful during this time. Please feel free to share all you have learned here! Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with us. Even though I have been an absentee blog mama. I’ll try my best to keep it up I promise. Have a good one!

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