Maternity style vol. 2


Why is it that I find myself so drawn to speak about our current weather patterns at the start of every post? Perhaps it is because we live in New England and every season feels like another. This spring has been the most autumn like spring I can remember in years. With temps in the low 50s and rainy days heavily outweighing the sunny ones, I’m honestly waiting for the newly green leaves to turn red and orange and drop at any moment.

The instant the sun peeks out I have the sudden urge to run into the garden to tend to my sprouting crops or to head out for a walk downtown to watch as the boats are making their way to their seasonal slips and moorings. Either way it’s been fashion in a pinch for me (note the quick messy hair) as these sunny seconds have been fleeting.


When I first scored these maternity overalls from H&M, I thought about how oh so perfect they’d be for getting down and dirty in the garden. The overalls ended up providing versatile comfort in most situations. From painting our Sailboat to a walk in downtown Newburyport with my first baby (my 12 year old Chihuahua named Charlotte), they made for the perfect piece at every occasion. These cozy overalls were easily dressed up paired with this cute and comfortable maternity top by to: Little Arrows, heels and this City Zip tote in black leather cross-stitch by Coach.


Do you have a versatile piece of maternity wear you love for the changing seasons? I’d love to hear about your fashion favorites! Please feel free to let us know here. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Hump Day!


all photos by Dale Moore

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