Maternity style vol. 3

At 36 weeks pregnant and with the humidity of the New England summer hitting it’s highs, I’ve pretty much  committed to living solely in swimwear. Upon scouring the internet and local maternity shops for attractive maternity swimsuits I found my search outcome fairly bleak. I came across many suits that made me look more like a maternity muppet than a basking beauty. Most of the designs were less than becoming to say the least. That is until I found Kortni Jeane Maternity Swim Bottoms

KJ’s maternity swim bottoms are flattering and stylish. Her fashionable collections are constantly changing giving patrons the chance to stay on top of new and limited designs. They ARE limited so keep your eyes peeled for fresh collections dropping on her website. These bottoms are insanely comfortable and stretch nicely with your growing belly. I’ve paired them with a number of her interchangeable tops (size up to give your growing boobs some air ladies) but you can wear any top you feel comfortable in with these bottoms. It is certainly love for me with Kortni Jeane Swimwear and I highly recommend checking her out for all of your swimwear needs. I also found that H&M’s MAMA line has appealing swimwear but in my experience the sizing has been a bit tricky. The suit I’d purchased at the beginning of the season has not grown all that well with my bump. At this point I feel like a stuffed sausage when I try squeezing all of my growing bits in there. I’m talking muffing top, bottom, and sides. That’s not to say I didn’t get a lot of wear out of it. I wore this suit all of the early swim season days. Only just recently I’ve admitted defeat with this one and hung it up for the remainder of this pregnancy.

I’ve come across a number of women in search for the perfect maternity swimwear recently which was my inspiration for this post. Hopefully you have found this helpful in your search! I would love to hear your thoughts on maternity swimwear. Feel free to share your findings here! Thanks for stopping in. 

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