Maternity style vol. 4


Arianna+Tim_Freebird-1Oh how I love looking back on these images from our sea-side maternity shoot with the lovely and talented Freebird Photography!  We had to do a bit of storm dodging to pull it off but we could not be happier with the outcome. These beautiful moments captured are a great reminder to us of how far we have come and all that we have overcome on our path to parenthood. Arianna+Tim_Freebird-89

For this occasion I chose two fitted dresses by Pink Blush Maternity. Both are very flattering and extremely comfortable, which is certainly ideal for the last months of pregnancy. I can’t get enough of the floral prints these days and the nautical stripes also really connect with my style. I just love the fitted look to show of the belly…and come on, how cute is that bump amiright?!?



White Floral Fitted Maternity Dress

Ivory/Grey Striped Fitted Maternity Dress

31bits Necklace

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