Baby Kai’s Birth Story

This may just be my favorite story ever told. My whole world changed in these moments and reliving them now, with Kai sleeping soundly in his crib, makes me feel so proud. IMG_0346At 38 weeks (or what felt like 5years) pregnant and the last month of pregnancy literally crushing my soles, I decided to take measures into my own hands. I googled self-inducing tips to get things moving along. As my search suggested, Tim and I enjoyed some intimate time (albeit a little awkward at that stage in pregnancy), I drank raspberry leaf tea and went for walks. I also took warm baths with Clery Sage essential oils for three nights leading up to labor. Clery Sage oil can cause contractions of the uterus and act as a natural form of pain relief as well as promote relaxation. Sold! I’m all in!

On August 30, one week before my due date, we found ourselves driving to the hospital. I’d had some bleeding that morning and was encouraged to be seen by the mid-wife. I was told it was most likely a sign of early labor and there was a strong chance I’d be sent home to wait it out. We decided to pack hospital bags “just in case” (thankfully). Little did I know the next time we’d be coming home it would be plus one.IMG_0139While waiting on the mid-wife, I’d noticed that my seat was a bit wet. Hmmm….Nine months pregnant and I was suddenly sitting in a puddle of water in my chair.…That’s odd…The mid-wife ran a swab and walked back into the room stating that my water had broken (DUH!) and I was now being admitted into labor. Well, there is something to be said about the shock that came over me at that point. My eyes actually welled up while calling a friend who’d planned to look after our dog for us during our hospital stay. Truthfully, the tears were mostly fear based at the time. I was full-on running the gamut of emotions…

…To which I had plenty of time to work through.

We were told to take our time getting over to labor and delivery. Apparently it was very busy at the time. My theory is that the high pressure weather system rolling in was sending loads of ladies into labor. Nevertheless, Tim and I headed out for one last date night before becoming parents. We went for a nice walk through the Boston Public Gardens, taking bench breaks through contractions, before getting dinner…And I was definitely “that woman” at the restaurant who everyone was worried about having the baby then and there, as I was clearly attempting silence through contractions every few minutes.

We arrived at Labor and Delivery around 6pm I was admitted into a 10×10’ triage room as it was the only space available. I heard someone at the nurses station outside the room mention something about possibly needing to send women to other hospitals near by to deliver. It was a madhouse! IMG_0138By 11pm my contractions had become stronger and more frequent at about 3 minutes apart. I had planned for an epidural all along and I did not want to miss the opportunity to receive one. I was very nervous as there were SEVEN women in line ahead of me also waiting on an epidural. SEVEN! At 1am, relief from the exhaustion of contractions arrived in the form of a sweet young anesthesiologist. We were then moved to a delivery room.

The epidural slowed my labor. The chaos of the night on the labor floor afforded no rush to us and we were left to rest. At 7am on August 31, the decision was made to induce. I was told by one of the doctors that it could be 8 to 10 hours before active labor would kick in. Luckily for me that was not the case. Around 11:15am I was fully dilated and ready to begin pushing A HUMAN PERSON OUT OF MY BODY! Because that happened!IMG_1137TMI Sidebar: Active labor began with Tim and our nurse each holding one of my legs. During each contraction I bared down, as I pushed against their hold, trying to move baby down the birth canal. I would push, the nurse would say she could see baby, I would take a break until the next contraction, the nurse would say baby moved back up. This cycle repeated for over an hour. I began to feel frustrated in the lack of progress and that is when the nurse pulled out the birthing bar. My savior! The bar latched onto either side of the bed and had a cross bar along the top. Tim and the nurse placed my numb legs in the corners of the bar. The nurse looped a sheet over the cross bar and I griped both ends of the sheet. I used the resistance of the sheet to pull as I simultaneously pushed against the bars with my feet during each contraction. This made it possible for me to give each contraction everything I had. I pushed with all of my strength. The nurse franticly called for a doctor to come in the room. My labor went from zero to sixty in no time.

At 1pm on the dot, after an hour and forty-five minutes of laboring, Kainalu Alvin Iappini made his worldly debut. Weighing in at a solid 8lbs 10oz, he was every ounce as perfect as we could have hoped for. After every physical and emotional struggle we’ve been through together (an infertility diagnosis and pregnancy losses), Tim and I were finally blessed with our precious rainbow baby. This perfect little life. IMG_01561-1331-1341-1351-12921430060_10155699655965439_2059752292535601428_nAdjusting to our new roles as parents isn’t an exact science by any stretch but we are just so insanely in love with baby Kai! He has been and will continue to be our greatest adventure.FullSizeRender.jpg-1photos by: Dampolo Photography



3 thoughts on “Baby Kai’s Birth Story

  1. All I can say is ” Beautiful “, this is one memory that will last forever. Thank you for the documentation. ❤️❤️🐾🐾

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