Sailing: New beginnings

IMG_1863 Today marked the first day of many new adventures to come for the Iappini family. We ventured to Warwick, RI. where we finalized the purchase of our new sailboat, a Pearson 30′. The boat came with the name “Seawave” which is quite auspiciously the english translation of Kai’s birth name (Kainalu)….AND Folks, the struggle is over! WE HAVE AN ACTUAL HEAD (toilet). No more bucket! Hooray!

This boat, to (potentially) be named “Windansea” as a tribute to our love of surfing as well as sailing, is built for racing and will make quick trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in the future. For now she’ll winter in RI. Our first adventure on her will be a two day sail from Warwick, RI. to the Elizabethan islands then into Buzzard’s Bay to our mooring this spring. This will also be Kai’s first big sailing trip. IMG_1925IMG_1909IMG_1873IMG_1869IMG_1899We have some work to do in the meantime. The hull needs repainting and the wood needs to be revarnished. We’ll be reupholstering all of the cabin cushions as well. I imagine I’ll be starting a new Pinterest board for sailboat interior ideas. There goes countless hours of my life lost to a Pinterest hole. Hey, I’m not complaining. I did it to myself!


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