Catching up

1-38 This time of year, the crispness of autumn begins to fade into the heaviness of winter. Everything seems to speed up and I tend to feel like I don’t have much time to catch my breath. Lately I’ve been adding countless tasks to the ‘to-do’ list, curating a home-life routine with our new baby, and preparing to launch a new side hustle venture.

I can already feel the obliging tug of seasonal affective disorder pulling me back from focusing on certain projects.  It says, “Hey, I know you wanted to write this blog post for Thanksgiving but we’re going to procrastinate a little longer.” and “Oh, I’m sorry, Did you want to work on that hand-knitting project you’ve had sitting partially finished on the dining room table for two weeks? Yeah, no. We’re still procrastinating over here. Go catch up on Instagram stories and re-watch a whole series you’ve already seen…twice.” “Don’t even get me started…Did you say side hustle venture!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Needless to say, I have been forcing myself to find a way through the depression doldrums, spending as much time as possible with my family and making time for self care. Earlier this week I put on clothes (other than a bathrobe), heels, and some lipstick before Tim and I took Kai out for a walk around the Newburyport waterfront. I am sucking up every ounce of joy with our little baby Kai and quickly releasing the tension of the moments when all of his basic needs are met but he is screaming like this crazy goat in my ear anyhow. 1-42I plan to kick my endorphins up a notch by getting back to a fitness regiment, which I was CRUSHING before becoming pregnant last December but backed off of because I was fearful of having any regrets if we suffered a loss. Anxiety, amirite?

I’m open to trying helpful suggestions. One idea came from a recent Broad City episode which is to invest in a SAD therapy lamp. I also use an essential oil diffuser. What tricks do you use to avoid the winter blues? Please feel welcome to share holistic remedies or other tips here.


*skirt from Anthropologie


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