Getting in the spirit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Tim and I are big on keeping our holiday traditions alive and are SO excited to share the holiday spirit with our son. Each year since our first Christmas together we’ve made a point to support local tree farmers by chopping down our own tree. This year we met up with some friends at Tonry Tree Farm to hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.IMG_2331IMG_2329And of course, the appropriate attire for tree hunting is matching plaid shirts. Don’t forget to ask a friend to take a photo of your family standing next to the prize.  IMG_2280IMG_2286 We found the perfect tree right away, which was OBVIOUSLY too good to be true so we spent another 30mins searching the land for an even more perfect tree before we ended by going back to our original choice.  The perfect Christmas tree! We cut it down and headed home for one of my favorite bits of holiday spirit. IMG_2333IMG_2332I’ve always loved the memories of Christmas past hidden in our collection of tree ornaments. Some are old and hand-made in the 80s. Some were gifts from each other. Some mark new beginnings and some are mementos of loved ones we’ve lost. I enjoy reliving the moments stuck in the story of each piece.IMG_2328IMG_2327Kai’s first Christmas season is off to a beautiful start. He has truly opened our hearts more than we could have ever imagined. His new favorite pastime is playing next to the tree so he can look at the lights and coo at it.FullSizeRender-5We are looking forward to immersing him in all kinds of holiday spirit and always indulging in our favorite motto; The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!IMG_2340.jpg

*Onesies by L’ovedbaby

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