Reading with Kai: Music


One of our strongest continued efforts as parents is to cultivate a lifelong love of reading in our little one. Reading aloud to baby is a shared activity which stimulates the growth of many early language development skills. Introducing concepts such as colors and numbers helps to construct a platform for vocabulary and memory expansion, while simply hearing your voice will foster the bond between parent and child.

We’ve begun to curate a collection of children’s books and will be sharing some of our favorites in upcoming themed posts, starting with this one.

Some of the most enjoyable children’s stories in our collection have been adapted from songs. This allows us to combine two facets of early language development, singing and reading. In a wonderfully written article I found here, we learn that reading aloud and singing to a child teach similar skills.

We sing as we read along with each story. Kai seems entertained by the illustrations, possibly more so then our killer crooning talents, which is fair. WE are entertained by the fact that these are songs we love which are not necessarily categorized as children’s music.

These books are an expression of imagination and adventure. What a wonderful world also happens to be the song I danced to with my grandfather at our wedding and is the one book we’ve read every night during our bedtime routine since coming home from the hospital with Kai.


These books can be found here:

  • What a wonderful world by by Bob Thiele (Author),‎ George David Weiss (Author),‎ Tim Hopgood (Illustrator)
  • Imagine by John Lennon (Author),‎ Jean Jullien (Illustrator)
  • Every Little Thing by Bob Marley (Author),‎ Cedella Marley (Author),‎ Vanessa Brantley-Newton (Illustrator)
  • Octopus’s Garden by Ringo Starr (Author),‎ Ben Cort (Illustrator)

Do you know of any other songs adapted to children’s books? We would love to hear your faves! Please feel welcome to share them here.

On the next Reading with Kai, we talk science!! Stay tuned for more soon.

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