Self-care Sunday: winter fix


1-12I don’t know about you but every winter my skin’s glistening-glow quickly fades to a dry-dull mess if I don’t keep on top of it.  I try to spend as much time outside as possible but the harsh weather on our New England coast never ceases to take a toll on my skin. Aside from my goal to drink more water, I have added some new products to my arsenal this year in hopes of finding some relief.

To keep things tidy, I’ve stored everything neatly in this cute Vanity Organizer from Target. This was completely inspired by a recent Instagram story post by Bridget Hunt of Tales Of Me & The Husband. I think this is the exact one she posted in fact. It’s so pretty and fits my bedroom decor very well but Target carries a number of organizers for different styles.

(Let me take a minute to urge you to check out Bridget’s new Instagram page @itsahuntlifewellness where she shares tips for a cleaner healthier home and lifestyle. I’ve found it super refreshing and oh so pleased to find a like-minded momma passing on the love.)


Being with baby all day has me running to wash my hands quite frequently,  leaving them dry and cracked. No matter how much lotion I apply, it seems I end up washing it off before it has time to work into my skin. I use a lot of Weleda products in my everyday routine here are a few of their hands creams that I could not live without.

Weleda Cold Cream is a profoundly hydrating facial cream which I use on my hands as well. This blend is especially formulated for extremes – whether that’s skin with intensive needs, or conditions that give your skin a battering – or both! Valuable plant oils and beeswax are combined to form a rich, defensive mantle against cold, dry air, wind or central heating. Dry skin is nourished and moisturized. Your skin feels soft and smooth again, and stays that way. I find this product to be quite thick and tend to use it first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Their Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream is the item I typically keep in my purse. It is used to renew and repair skin. The addition of sesame oil allows the mix to be easily absorbed, which makes this my go-to, all day, everyday hand cream. It’s perfect for your hands, however rough, chapped or dry. It moisturizes and leaves rough, dry skin on hands smooth and touchable.



These next three products are my favorites for a good soak in the tub! Keep in mind, if you do not have a tub, the oils can be used aromatically in a hot shower as well.

The Hydrating Seaweed Bath by The Seaweed Bath co. has been a long time favorite of mine. It detoxifies, hydrates and replenishes skin with the powerful nutrients of the sea. I’ve found that reviews have mentioned an “ocean odor”.  I have never noticed that whatsoever and I have a very strong sense of smell! This soak is made with organic bladderwrack seaweed that is sustainably harvested locally off the coast of Maine. This product is vegan and cruelty free. It is also, Gluten and Paraben Free.


These Weleda massage and body oils came as part of their Body Oil Starter Kit. After hours of shoveling snow, they make a great addition to any bath or steamy shower and will certainly help to unwind and relax your tired body.


If you come away with anything here today, let it be this product! I cannot say enough about how well Morphologically’s Respire Aromatic Shower Drops work for kicking out a cough and seriously cutting down cold symptoms. I have used it at the earliest signs of a cough and not had it worsen. To ease congestion from tough colds and allergies Respire doubles as a chest rub, and massage oil for blocked sinuses.

That is it, some of my favorites! These product reviews are NOT sponsored. What are your go-to winter replenishers? Please feel open to sharing them here.




2 thoughts on “Self-care Sunday: winter fix

  1. Loving this article

    Thank you for recommending Morphologically’s Respire Aromatic Shower Drops.

    Much Love!!!

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