Weekend notions.


This weekend Tim, Kai and I headed north to visit my grandfather. We sat by the fireplace and chatted about future woodworking projects. Later in the afternoon, we traveled outside for Kai’s very first adventure in the snow.

Kai was all smiles from the first moments in his new sled. We pulled him along over the snow covered ground on which Tim and I were married a few years prior. I felt a tremendous amount of happiness in having this beautiful place to share with our son.


The joy Kai seemed to have for sledding was contagious. We raced him around, doing donuts and sending him down small hills. At one point, and I won’t say on who’s watch, the fun turned to fright when the sled toppled sideways with baby inside. Kai fell face-first in the snow.  Although it was a fairly soft landing, Tim and I did not skip a beat heading into pure adrenaline packed parental panic mode – scooping him up – holding him close – comforting him – assessing the damage. This was after all Kai’s first fall. Thankfully, there was no damage whatsoever.

Kai’s tears quickly and I do mean quickly (within 10 seconds) stopped entirely and we opted to pop him right back in that sled in hopes of releasing any fear we may have just created. Baby still enjoyed being on a sled ride (phew)! Needless to say, it was a slower pace to end the adventure.

For hours after the experience we beat ourselves up about becoming too overzealous and causing potential injury to our baby. We let a split second overshadow the other 99% of that time where we were creating beautiful memories as a family.

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. Not to say we won’t be more cautious in the future either. The reality is, Kai will most likely encounter hundreds of tumbles in his lifetime. One of the greatest opportunities we have as his parents is to show strength in our love by teaching him how to recover from the every day stumbles gracefully and with a try-again attitude.


I mean, who would want any less for this little adventure buddy!?! Look at that face!!

We are just two parents trying to navigate raising a well-rounded human. What are some of your tips for learning from “parenting-fail” moments? Feel open to sharing them here.



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