Reading with Kai: Science


Have you ever been asked the question “Why?” by an inquisitive child? They have then most-likely retorted the very same question with every answer supplied, as they would. If so, you’ve probably gone so far down that rabbit hole that you’ve had a heck of a time finding a comprehensive answer for your little interrogator.

On our quest mainly to teach ourselves never to stifle the curious nature of his childish enthusiasm, paired with our world of ever expanding technologies, we’ve started reading a plethora of ‘science for babies’ books to Kai.

Teaching science to a young mind can feel like a tricky task. These books simplify complex concepts without distorting them completely. They’ve given us the resources to explain cellular, molecular and structural biology with bright colors, simple shapes and thick board pages perfect for teething tots. The Baby University books by Chris Ferrie each begin with the same sentence and picture ‘This is a ball’ and goes on to expand on the theory.

We get so much enjoyment from reading to baby Kai, aiding in his development of language and knowledge of the world and beyond, while cuddling up with him in our arms. There is no greater pleasure in all of the universe.


These books can be found here:

One the next Reading with Kai, we are going to be sharing stories about some of our favorite artists! Stay tuned for more soon.



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