Self-care Sunday: facial regimen

facial care

This day and age the number of beauty products on the market is astounding and can easily feel overwhelming, with new products popping up daily. Let me be honest here. In the U.S the beauty industry is one with very few guidelines, not always required to divulge certain ingredients or practices.

It was not only important for me to find products free of synthetic compounds and toxic chemicals but their creators needed to apply ethical and sustainable standards in their initiative as well. This is the reasoning behind my choice to utilize these products.

Allowing these products to be better absorbed, and thanks to this Christmas gift from my wonderful husband, I include the VisaPure Advanced Electric Facial Cleansing System by Philips in to my daily routine.


It has changed my facial skin care game significantly. I had always struggled with enlarged pores on my face, especially on my nose. After using the precision brush attachment just a few times, there was a visible change in the quality of my skin and pore size.

  1. To begin, I do a quick scrub with African Black Soap to remove any makeup or dirt. I have used this product for years and just love it’s hydrating and soothing properties. 1-57
  2. Using the VisaPure Advanced Electric Facial Cleansing System, I add a few drops of Weleda’s cleansing milk to each of the brush heads before use, typically going for the deep pore cleansing facial brush first followed by the advanced precision brush for my nose.
  3. I then apply refining toner to my face and neck using a cotton pad.
  4. Depending on the time of day I will either put on the Cold Cream or Night Repair Cream covering my face and neck.
  5. Next, I dab Eye & Lip Cream on my eyes and lips.
  6. At this point, I pop the revitalizing massage head into the VisaPure and sit back for a relaxing facial massage.
  7. In the mornings I finish this regimen off with the Andalou Naturals SPF 30 Facial Serum facial care 2.jpg

And that is my facial regimen, morning and evening! These product reviews are NOT sponsored. Just a few products I love, and love to share with you. Hope you’ve found this helpful.


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