Teaching mindfulness

From the moment our little rainbow baby entered the world I made a promise to do my very best in teaching him mindfulness, compassion for all creatures, and the freedom of adventure. By implementing these practices each and every day, I hope for Kai to develop a natural identity as a compassionate leader.

There are two individuals who’s passion for educating young people and teachings in the way of mindfulness have adhered to the hearts of so many. Coincidentally, these two both celebrated anniversaries in education yesterday which I’d like to acknowledge. I’m talking about Fred Rogers, who’s program Mr. Rogers Neighborhood celebrated it’s 50th birthday, and my personal hero Dr. Jane Goodall, celebrating the 27th anniversary of her Roots & Shoots program.

In an effort to fine tune my pedagogical approach, I’ve enrolled in Dr. Jane Goodall’s free online course for educators. Dr. Goodall and her Roots & Shoots program have teamed up with the University of Colorado Boulder to create “Growing Compassionate Young Leaders Through Service Learning with Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots.”

Jane Goodall

The academic relevance of this course is highlighted in it’s fantastic guide to understanding Service Learning and how it is applied. The ultimate goal being to *develop compassionate leaders who will make the world a better place for people, other animals and the environment while facilitating a sense of empowerment that comes from helping others!


Here are some resources I’ve found useful:



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