Reading with Kai: Art


The virtues awarded through lessons in art are limitless. You only have to witness the look of pure joy on a child’s face upon creating something to understand how it benefits their self-esteem and confidence. (see the last image on this post of Kai painting his first masterpiece).

When little ones participate in art projects, they are helping to develop their own fine motor skills as well as problem solving abilities. These expressions of creativity are where imaginative play unite with language expansion.


Art education is a fantastic way to introduce culture and diversity to young children. In these books we learn about people from different ways of life bonded by a love and talent for art.

Art can be used to effectively teach the practical application of other key subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science. Studies show if children engage in hands-on art activities, their aptitude for learning is much better in all disciplines.


Art is empowering! It enriches us with a beautiful curiosity for life and the world around us. Over the recent years, the benefits of art education in schools have been sadly overlooked. It seems whenever funding is at a particular low, the arts programs are the first to go. By cultivating our child’s interest in his or her creativity, we are giving them the tools to paint a brighter future.

These books can be found here:



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