Here we go again…


It’s true, Kai is going to be a big brother! We are delighted to announce that we will be welcoming our 2nd child in November (11/11 make a wish)! Tim and I have subscribed to the 11:11 phenomenon since we’d been in the thick of our battle through fertility. As if seeing those numbers were a sign of good luck ahead. We started using it as a means to smile and hold onto hope that we would one day have the family we desired. I’d say it’s a pretty appropriate due date!

On Mother’s Day we hosted a BBQ where we not only revealed the pregnancy to the family but we also unveiled the gender through a game played by our moms (in honor of Mother’s Day of course). To be entirely honest, we told Tim’s parents about the pregnancy a few months ago when visiting them on vacation. We had surprised them in the same way we got my parents, as seen in the video we caught here:

Also captured on video, the big gender reveal! Our moms were asked to hit exploding golf balls filled with either pink or blue powder.

Take your guess now because Baby #2 IS A…..


BOY!!!!!! Baby #2 is officially going to make me what I’ve always knew I was going to be, a mothers of boys! We are so excited! Kai is going to be an amazing big brother and we cannot wait to raise these wild ones and fill their little lives with big adventures.




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