Summer adventures

This summer is flying by! Despite my wanting mostly to just hide inside from the thousand degree humidity, blasting AC on my pregnant face, it’s been jam packed with new escapades. We’ve been riding a whirlwind of adventures as a family of three, while simultaneously preparing to become a family of four in a few months.  1-74We’re so thankful for coastal living! Our evening picnic dinners on the local beaches have been like heaven on earth at the end of a hot day. 1-76Watching Kai learn and grow from all of our experiences has been by far the most rewarding part of stepping outside of our normal routine this summer. Even if it did mean waking up with the sun at 5am while camping. Kai has gained a whole new extended family in these dear friends we’ve been lucky enough to spend time with. 1-781-981-64 By introducing new activities, like sailboats and sprinkler parks, we hope to encourage Kai toward an adaptable and adventurous personality. The goal is to enrich our baby’s life with little joys every day. 1-90What are some activities you’ve done as a family this summer? We would love to hear about YOUR adventures! Please feel free to share here.

Beach mat: Gathre

Beach umbrella: Business & Pleasure Co.

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