Make pretty choices

I first heard the term “make pretty choices” form Landyn at Living With Landyn, which has become my mantra since moving into our new home at the end of last summer. I’ve made it a priority in all projects in + around the new homestead. I’ve been channelling my girl’s advice while designing each item off our to-do list here.

Because honestly, when Tim and I purchased our new home I had a difficult time with the prospect of having to start from scratch, especially when it came to the landscape. We left a home where all of the fruiting trees + perennial flower gardens we’d planted when we first moved in were beginning to bloom + produce well. Everything was established + thriving after years of care + nurture. We’d built a lovely patio space + a kitchen garden + had a nice coop setup for our chickens as well.

We agreed the coop was the first space we wanted to knock off the to-do list at our new home.

After the move, Tim and I decided with more land it was obvious that we needed to add a few more hens to our flock. Okay, okay, fine, maybe I decided we needed more chickens but he was on board. Needless to say, more chickens meant we needed a larger coop.

We’d considered building our own coop at first + though we’re completely capable of executing that scale of project together, we ultimately came to purchase one. With gardens to start from scratch + the list of projects at our new home growing rapidly, not to mention having two babies under two at home, it was a no-brainer. I did a ton of research on carpenters selling coops in the New England area and laded on NV Farms in VT. They had the best quality coops which absolutely fit my new “make pretty choices” mantra. Also, the price was the best by far even considering that we had to add significant delivery fee!

The coop was delivered and we had to get to work making sure our girls were going to be safe from predators. We planned to build an attached chicken run so the girls can perch outside at night when the weather is warm.

We started by building a frame of 2×4 pieces of wood which we attached chicken wire to. Then we sandwiched 2x4s on either side of the chicken wire for added safety. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that some predators are smart enough + capable of pulling the wire out if they can get their little grubby paws in there (DAMM TRASH PANDAS).

The last step was to fortify the land around the run. Predators will also dig under if given the opportunity. We dug a 14″ wide trench about 8″ deep along the perimeter + filled it with a lovely white marble landscape stone from home depot. The finishing touch was in adding two of my potted nasturtiums to really bring home the “make pretty choices” concept.

It was all fairly simple + inexpensive. As much as I love this concept, I didn’t want to break the bank creating it either. There were more expensive stones that may have been a bit nicer but I am happy with our choice + feel that it turned out quite lovely if I do say so myself!

So, that’s one project off the list! Now to build the kitchen garden. This is the big one ladies + gents! What projects are you working on at home these day? I’d love to hear from you!

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