Hello there! Welcome to The Birch Arbor. We’re thrilled that you’ve stopped by and are taking the time to read our story!  Here it is: My name is Arianna. My husband and love of my life is Tim. We live in the Boston-area. Despite growing up less than a mile from one another and sharing dozens of friends over the years, we hadn’t met until 2011, when one of our mutual friends passed away unexpectedly. We often look for the good in bad situations and this was certainly the case with our first meeting.  We later bonded over a weekend on Martha’s Vineyard with friends.


In 2014, during a trip to Hawaii, Tim proposed on a beautiful beach at sunset. It had just started to lightly rain and I kid you not, there was a freaking rainbow behind us!! Magic was in the air. We learned from the locals that being rained on in a moment of significance is considered a great Hawaiian blessing.


Six months later, we were married on my grandfather’s property, under The Birch Arbor which my grandfather lovingly crafted for us. It was under that arbor where Tim and I officially became a family. We have since been working to build a family and small scale farm on the property of our first home together. Our goal is to inspire creativity with our various DIY projects and farm-to-table lifestyle.  We hope you join us in all of our new adventures.  Thank you for stopping by!

View More: http://jessjolin.pass.us/ariannatim


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