Maternity style vol. 2

Why is it that I find myself so drawn to speak about our current weather patterns at the start of every post? Perhaps it is because we live in New England and every season feels like another. This spring has been the most autumn like spring I can remember in years. With temps in the … Continue reading Maternity style vol. 2

My favorite pregnancy products

Who's a gigantic pregnant slacker?! I AM!! It has clearly been some time since my last post. Whats my excuse you ask? Well, Master Of None Season 2 came out on Netflix. Oh wait, that was a few weeks ago and I haven't posted in almost two months. Also, I binge watched the whole season … Continue reading My favorite pregnancy products

DIY farmhouse decor

We've recently added a few DIY decor projects to our bedroom space to liven things up. The floating shelves and glassless window frames were crafted by my wonderful grandfather. I must preface this by saying that he has been able to bring to life EVERY woodworking project I have ever had in my head. We consider … Continue reading DIY farmhouse decor

Maternity style vol. 1

Spring has truly sprung here in New England :: quickly knocks on wood :: We have had some beautiful warm and sunny days following the two feet of snow we received just a few weeks ago. Along with Easter being this weekend, I am also celebrating the half way point of my pregnancy. At 20 weeks we … Continue reading Maternity style vol. 1

Pregnancy After Loss

A few days before Christmas, I received a phone call from the fertility clinic my husband and I had been working with for over two years. At this point, I associated the clinic’s number popping up on my phone with agony of receiving bad news. I’d see that number and my heart would drop. As … Continue reading Pregnancy After Loss

Our greatest adventure begins!

Tim and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first baby on September 5th! We really could not be happier to share this monumental news! The relevance of our due date is joyfully fitting as it just so happens to be my grandparents wedding anniversary as well. Those of you who know … Continue reading Our greatest adventure begins!

Treat Yo Self Day!

I've been FEELIN' the winter blues lately and desperately craving some personal nourishment. A day at the spa can be a fantastic way to pamper yourself but if you're anything like me, you may be seeking a less costly way to satisfy your day-spa dreams. I planned a 'Treat Yo Self Day' at my house with … Continue reading Treat Yo Self Day!

Thinking ahead: a DIY patio story

This time last year, Tim and I started brain storming for our DIY patio build project. In the midst of a cold New England winter we could not help but dream of sunnier days to come. Thoughts of enjoying the outdoors with our family triggered visions of the perfect patio to gather on. We had our … Continue reading Thinking ahead: a DIY patio story

Delizioso! Homemade pasta.

On cold winter nights a home cooked meal is perfect for warming the soul. Nothing nourishes quite as well as fresh homemade pasta. A few years ago we spend a weekend with my in-laws learning how to make homemade ravioli from scratch including the ping (ravioli filling). There is something to be said about recipes … Continue reading Delizioso! Homemade pasta.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In my case it was hands down the egg that came first! While visiting a friend's family farm in Santa Barbara I had an experience that changed my life forever. It was the taste of farm fresh eggs collected from their coop for our breakfast that won over my taste buds and ignited my desire to raise … Continue reading Which came first, the chicken or the egg?